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Writers & Readers

The road to being a published author is long, winding, and bumpy. There are plenty of obstacles along the way. It's hard on the ego. Other pursuits in life seem so much easier by comparison. Fairer. More attainable. Based on your true talent. And yet people still strive to attain this goal of authorship.

Lately I think there is more hope for writers. Publishing has been turned upside down. The old, laborious, painful way of getting published is being pushed aside for self-publishing, which also promises to be laborious but it may give would-be authors more control over the process. Today, more is being demanded of authors that has little to do with writingmarketing, social media, the technology of creating websites. Authors complain about how all these distractions consume their time and keep them from their writing. I have to agree. Keeping your focus on storytelling, but also the ever-changing terrain around you, is a difficult balancing act. It's overwhelming.

I say, be a pioneer and challenge the system. Maybe pioneering writers will forge a new path to publication that will make the way easier for all writers. 

And a word about readersgive them what they crave. Open their eyes to new ideas and experiences. Tell a story and tell the truth.

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