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Welcome and thanks for dropping by. The banner on this website is a collage of tarot cards. I love tarot cards for their artistry, insights, and storytelling. While the primary focus of this website is about writing (storytelling) and readers who love stories, it is not possible for me to stay on topic all of the time. The problem is I love anything creative and so my interests wander to gardening, cooking, traveling, family, and any number of other things that strike my fancy. I've tried my best to restrain my multiple personalities to neat little boxes so you don't have to be bothered with things you don't care about. But if your're hungry, you'll find recipes in Dans la cuisine or if you love gardening, I'll share my tips in Dans le jardin. For those of you struggling with fiction writing, let's go down that bumpy trail of tears together. Check out my novel, Ctor of the hospital's world health organization collaborating center. viagra safe heart medication "the process is called reassortment. Viagra 20 mg take " birds are the natural reservoirs of the common flu strains that strike in winter — and those strains reassort themselves to hit humans particularly hard. 36 hr viagra commercial But while humans are not susceptible to every strain of avian flu, pigs definitely are. When bird flu viruses replicate in pigs, they pick up the viral machinery that gives more selective flu strains the power to spread to other mammals, like us. That's what makes pigs such potent mixing bowls for flu. The roundabout bird-pig-human route may be less common than the straight bird-human jump, but it may be more problematic. buy viagra Strains of avian flu, like the much-feared h5n1, can infect individual humans, but they can't make the person-to-person leap. generic viagra Avian flu that is passed through the pig's mammalian system, however, can be passed readily among humans. viagra without a doctor prescription (read "why border controls can't keep out the flu virus. Happens women have viagra ") all of this made the flu virus a tenacious foe from the outset, but once humans invented farming and learned to cultivate animals, we made a bad situation much worse. All at once, chickens, ducks and pigs — which never had much to do with one another — began living cheek to jowl in high numbers and often unsanitary conditions. buy viagra Farm families and people working in live markets then began mingling with the critters. Viagra where to buy .auto That's a pathogenic speed blender, and the viruses have taken full advantage of it. viagra buy "it's really an ecological issue," says daszak. So if we can't fairly blame the pigs (indeed, the cdc has officially stopped calling the virus "swine flu," opting instead for the more hog-friendly 2009 h1n1 flu), can we blame mexico? youtube video viagra That charge doesn't stick either. buy generic viagra online cheap Decades ago, numerous countries came together to develop the global influenza surveillance network (gisn), which allows epidemiological teams to spot new flu viruses as soon as they emerge and get vaccines ready in time. viagra prescription much But the gisn only tracks human flu, meaning animal flu can slip by undetected. buy generic viagra What's more, pigs that carry influenza tend not to die en masse the way flocks of birds do, eliminating the immediate tip-off that a serious pathogen is at large. None of that is mexico's fault either. In fact, since human tourists and domesticated animals cross into mexico all the time, there's every reason to believe that the progenitor virus behind the epidemic hitched a ride in one of them. "i'm of the opinion that this doesn't have to be a mexico-originated virus," says daszak. viagra for women information "somehow it got to mexico and then mixed with humans. " if we have to pin the rap somewhere then, forget any one species or country and blame simple biology. viagra dosage information But regardless of whence the virus came, the more salient question is, where will it go? That's what concerns doctors as they work to stem the epidemic and make sure healthy people stay that way. See pictures of the swine flu in mexico. is it legal to buy viagra from canada See the w. viagra safe heart medication Dreaming of Laughing Hawk.

So there--I've said it. I'm tired of being disciplined and focused. I just want to have fun.


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