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Welcome and thanks for dropping by. The banner on this website is a collage of tarot cards. I love tarot cards for their artistry, insights, and storytelling. While the primary focus of this website is about writing (storytelling) and readers who love stories, it is not possible for me to stay on topic all of the time. The problem is I love anything creative and so my interests wander to gardening, cooking, traveling, family, and any number of other things that strike my fancy. I've tried my best to restrain my multiple personalities to neat little boxes so you don't have to be bothered with things you don't care about. But if your're hungry, you'll find recipes in Dans la cuisine or if you love gardening, I'll share my tips in Dans le jardin. For those of you struggling with fiction writing, let's go down that bumpy trail of tears together. Check out my novel, Dreaming of Laughing Hawk.

So there--I've said it. I'm tired of being disciplined and focused. I just want to have fun.


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