Landscape Redesign: Pulling It All Together

In 9 days the basic hardscape structure was in place and sod was laid. My side garden and garage were full of tools, pots, plants, and garden furniture. There were no plants. Little by little we started working on the planting and cleanup. We had our local garden shop do the front plantings, we did all the plantings in the backyard and the planter by the front door.

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At this point, the plants have successfully taken root and begun to fill in the flower beds and front slope. I finally came up with a trellis solution for the fire pit area. We ordered six vinyl trellises, assembled them, and with the help of a neighbor installed them.

It was a busy schedule in early 2014 that included patching stucco, repainting the house, replacing garage doors and light fixtures, and repairing  a crack in a stone fence before we even began the hardscape. The hardscape included new driveway and walkway, stone fence and planter in front yard, patio cover and pavers plus fire pit and stone seating area in the backyard and, of course, new irrigation for the front and back. I reused some plants here and there, but for the most part all plants were new and I leaned toward lower maintenance plants. It is definitely much easier and more enjoyable to do yard work than before. We achieved a significant facelift for a 40+ year old home without breaking the bank. Our landscaping project came in around $60,000 (excluding painting and other cosmetic work done to the house). 

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